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Fit Guide

Use these tools and tips to find your perfect fit every time.

Fit FAQ:

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about finding your fit.

First Fit Reviews

What Is A First Fit Review?

As they launch, all garments are reviewed by our First Fit Reviewers. They give feedback on the fit, fabric, stretch, and length for their body shape and size to help you find great fitting pieces.

Top Tips On Reviews

  • Compare your body type and size to the reviewers' to better understand their feedback on fit.
  • Instantly find out if it ran true to size, large, or small at the beginning of every First Fit review.
  • Look for the purple ‘First Review Favorite’ tags–these items had the best fit according to our reviewers!

To read reviews, scroll down on any product page.

Our Top Rated collection includes First Review Favorites and other highly rated items.

Check out Top Rated

Find First Review Favorites in our Top Rated collection.

Check out Top Rated

Size Advisor

The smart fit tool that learns.

The same size across brands can fit differently, so we created Size Advisor. It uses the brands and sizes you provided in your Size Profile, along with sizes you've closeted and feedback you've given, to suggest sizes for you.

You can edit your Size Profile here–and again later from the Size Advisor Tool.

Return Notify Improves Fit

We suggest you provide feedback when you Return Notify. This will increase the accuracy of our Size Advisor Tool to find your best-fitting size.

Every time you provide feedback when you Return Notify it improves the accuracy of our Size Advisor tool to find your best-fitting size.

Shape Report

The Shape Report provides styles and tips for dressing to your shape. Learn how to measure yourself and find the most figure-flattering items for you!


Shape Report








Size Charts
& Measuring

Use the How To Measure guide to determine your measurements, then match them up to our comprehensive size charts to find your best size in every brand (also accessible on each product page).


How to Measure

  • Bust:

    Measure at the fullest point.

    TIP: Leave a finger width to allow for fluctuation.

  • Waist:

    Measure at the narrowest point, right where you bend.

  • Hips:

    Measure at the fullest point.