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Social Media Policy

At Gwynnie Bee, we first and foremost believe in welcoming and accepting everyone as they are. As you may know, we want to help women feel beautiful and confident every day. Secondly, we love and appreciate your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Our members and our community are super important to us. We recognize that having a vibrant and engaged community on and off social media is a privilege and creates an environment that we have to constantly nurture.

Accordingly, we ask contributors to assist us in maintaining a community that is a positive space, free from personal attacks, offensive material or solicitations. Fashion is a personal choice, and we understand there are lots of opinions! We simply ask that you "treat others how you’d like to be treated" in Gwynnie Bee spaces, including our website, blog, and social media pages.

To nurture and foster our community, we reserve the right to remove any content or comments containing inappropriate or objectionable material. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Comments containing offensive material, such as discriminatory or sexist language, profanity, or controversial and/or sexually explicit material
  • Comments containing spam, promoting an agenda, or referencing a competitor’s site - please keep it on-topic and relevant to Gwynnie Bee and your experience with the service/community
  • Negative, disparaging, or unconstructive comments addressed to individuals (related to or unrelated to Gwynnie Bee)

We promote respect and acceptance. Positive comments addressed to individuals will not be deleted, as long as they do not contain inappropriate material. If you ever see content that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to

Because Gwynnie Bee works in the service of you, our community and members, we work hard to answer questions and comments as quickly as possible. However if you have a time-sensitive customer service question, it’s best to send us an email at or call us at 855-Gwynnie.

Communities can only thrive with the participation of their members, and the sharing of your member photos to inspire other women is one great example of this. In order to keep the inspiration going, Gwynnie Bee may want to share your images.

When you submit your photo to Gwynnie Bee, whether via email, our website, or through social media sites (including, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), you grant Gwynnie Bee a license to use the image, but you still retain ownership of it. This means that, except where prohibited by law, voluntarily posting photographs, videos, comments or other material (“Posted Content”) directly to our social media pages (such as the Gwynnie Bee Facebook page) or on social media bearing the @gwynniebee handle or one of our promoted hashtags (including, but not limited to #sharemeGB, #omgbee, #GB4KEEPS) constitutes your consent and grant to Gwynnie Bee of a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, unrestricted, irrevocable, and unlimited right and permission, but not obligation, to utilize, distribute, publish, exhibit, digitize, broadcast, display, reproduce, and prepare derivative works of the Posted Content online. Submitting also means the following:

  • You understand that any such media may be edited in the sole discretion of Gwynnie Bee;
  • You represent and warrant that the Posted Content will not contain any third party trademarked or copyrighted material, or material that is subject to other third party proprietary rights, unless you have permission from the rightful owner of such material or you are otherwise legally entitled to post the material and to grant Gwynnie Bee all relevant licenses and permissions to use the material as contemplated herein; and
  • You agree not to take any legal action against, and release and discharge, Gwynnie Bee, and its directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliates, or any other person or entity acting on its behalf, from all claims in connection with the use of the Posted Content as contemplated herein.

The bottom line is that if you share something with us, you retain ownership of it and can continue to do anything you want with it, but you allow us and our other users to use your Posted Content as we see fit. This type of sharing will help us institute the features you’ve asked for, such as linked user pictures on the reviews. If you don’t agree to these conditions, then please refrain from providing the materials to us.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Gwynnie Bee community and for respecting our community guidelines.